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The $200 commission which is covered within the IncomeJack.com member area will be paid only upon verified close and the clearing of payment for the $1299 sale of the Exitus Elite Genesis Library and Annual Membership fee. ($299 annual membership fee + $1000 product purchase).

Verified Close means that ALAN COSENS has personally and manually verified the source of the lead/new subscriber who has closed for that $1299 and has found that this sale was initially referred to ALAN COSENS’s mailing list by you. This is a manual verification process which involves ALAN COSENS looking at the “ADD URL” recorded by the Aweber company. That “ADD URL” should match the referral URL that you are using to generate leads/opt-ins. The “ADD URL” will contain your IncomeJack user ID, provided that you have coded your referral link properly, as instructed in Phase 1 within your IncomeJack member area, using the “?IncomeJackUserID” at the end of your referral link.

In rare circumstances it is possible that your IncomeJack User ID may become obscured making it impossible for ALAN COSENS to correctly identify the source of the new email subscriber opting-in via your IncomeJack referral link. While this is rare, it is possible. For example, if that new subscriber has opted-in to 3 Aweber opt-in forms within the last 24 hour, this can force them to complete a CAPTCHA prior to adding that opt-in to the emailing list. In this situation is sometimes (not always) results in an “ADD URL” which is so lengthy that the IncomeJack User ID is not recorded within the Aweber reporting.

In the circumstance where the IncomeJack User ID cannot be recorded within the “ADD URL” within Aweber it will be impossible to source that particular lead source and thus impossible to assign the $200 commission. This is a small risk that any free IncomeJack member accepts as a risk of participation with IncomeJack.com.

Exitus Elite does have a $100 product as well. Neither IncomeJack.com nor ALAN COSENS will pay any commission on referrals who join Exitus Elite and purchase the $100 product. You are strongly encouraged to join Exitus Elite and purchase the $100 product as doing so will allow you to earn $100 commissions on each $100 sale via Exitus Elite directly. Such has no relationship to IncomeJack.com.


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